We Help Cannabis Companies Improve, Automate, and Scale Their Operations

We’re here to help. With 50 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, Vessel IQ is the perfect partner to cannabis extractors who want exceptional results, every single time.

Looking for predictable, consistent and high-quality results from your extraction efforts? 

Our engineers are experts in everything related to the cannabis extraction process. We have the experience to solve your biggest extraction challenges - whether that means building custom equipment from the ground up, or upgrading your equipment for increased efficiency and better results.


We promise to deliver data-driven solutions, unmatched innovation, and white glove service for every client we work with - because that’s what sets the stage for great outcomes.

Our Values

At Vessel IQ™, we’re here to help extraction companies of all sizes find the equipment, system, and processes they need to expand. 


Our belief is “if it can’t be modified to fit your needs, it can’t be for you”. We’ve built our business around providing custom solutions to your biggest extraction challenges.


We believe that great results come from great relationships. That’s why we do everything in our power to support cannabis companies to grow in the way they've envisioned. We strive to be easy to work with and thrive on forming long-term relationships with growing companies that want to make an impact.


We only succeed when our clients do, so we don’t take chances when it comes to providing the very best for your lab or facility. Our relentless focus on superior quality guarantees that no corners are ever cut. When you partner with Vessel IQ™ you can expect equipment, solutions, and results that are nothing less than exceptional.


Our goal? To offer real and lasting value, either through assisting in scaling up your current operations, or in providing the “ground-up” services needed in transforming your #DreamMachine into a reality.  


We not only aid in crafting your ideal vision, but also lend powerful insight into how technology can solve the biggest problems faced by the cannabis extraction industry. 


Vessel IQ abides by the highest standards for safety and compliance ensuring long-lasting, dependable equipment and technologies.

Ready To Scale To New Heights?

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