Scale Your Operations With Custom-Built And IoT Automated Extraction Equipment.

Vessel IQ™ is a one-stop-shop for completely custom equipment built from the ground up to equip cannabis extractors with world-class systems and facilities. 


All systems are pre-installed with digital sensors and FlowEX™, Vessel IQ™ proprietary process control software, provides all the necessary data for better decision making. 

Custom - Data-Driven - Automation Solutions

Our one of a kind solutions fit the Hydrocarbon, Ethanol, CO2, and solventless extraction methods. We design everything around our clients’ exact needs - eliminating all bottlenecks, headaches and guesswork from their operations.


We also provide complete automation capabilities that allow for efficient, consistent and scalable processes - whether it’s an entire system or a single piece of equipment.


Our solutions transform labs into end-to-end extraction powerhouses that yield better results, every single time.

What Separates Vessel IQ™ From The Rest

We provide proprietary systems with the kind of customization and flexibility that is not offered by anyone else. 


Our powerful data-driven solutions equip facilities and staff with the insight they need, thus giving them tools to make more informed decisions, which leads to achieving peak performance and top productivity.


Our automation capabilities fit every unique circumstance and minimize the manual and redundant processes, which reduces overhead by providing efficiencies and reduction in labor.

Custom Equipment

Precision-engineered and designed around our client’s specific needs.

IoT Enabled

Our ‘smart’ devices are included with every system, ready to capture data,  enabling the most efficient operations possible.

Our dedicated, passionate, team will hold your hand throughout the process to deliver it on time and on budget. 

Data-Driven Solutions

Optimizes processes and helps to make smarter business decisions with insightful data and analytics.

White-Glove Experience

Vessel IQ Guarantee


Vessel IQ™ Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees the functionality and durability of all manufactured equipment and technologies.


No matter how large your project, we will work with your budget to make your investment affordable and intelligent


When you choose Vessel IQ™, you're assigned a dedicated professional who remains informed and up to date on all your needs during the entire life-cycle of your project.

Not sure where to start?

Reach out to our team today to discuss your extraction goals and find out how Vessel IQ™ can help you not just meet, but exceed them.




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